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bwatters-r7 (56)William Vu (38)asoto-r7 (22)Brent Cook (20)Metasploit (17)Load (13)Tom Sellers (12)Amanda Moulckers (10)Aaron Soto (9)Wei Chen (9)
Adam Cammack (9)Jeffrey Martin (8)LoadLow (8)h00die (5)Jacob Robles (5)Shelby Pace (5)NickTyrer (4)PingouinRF (3)Brendan Coles (3)Spencer McIntyre (3)
sinn3r (2)James Lee (2)Francesco Soncina (1)GabrielMioranza (1)ines (1)Green-m (1)Clément Notin (1)Matthew Kienow (1)OJ (1)

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New Open Pull Requests

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Initial commit of the CVE-2017-13156 Janus LPE for Android 2019-08-24T05:50:47+00:00 timwr
fix #11574, add WSReset.exe UAC Bypass 2019-08-24T05:37:12+00:00 timwr
Refactor Msf::Exploit::Deprecated and assorted fixes 2019-08-22T16:40:46+00:00 acammack-r7
[WIP] Module for CVE-2019-11510 - Pulse Secure File Disclosure 2019-08-21T13:05:02+00:00 0xDezzy
[f5_bigip_cookie_disclosure] Store cookies in the database 2019-08-20T08:32:05+00:00 SkypLabs
Windows Screensaver Persistence 2019-08-20T01:38:59+00:00 h00die
Add ktsuss suid Privilege Escalation module (CVE-2011-2921) 2019-08-19T13:32:21+00:00 bcoles
Fix RPC console.create database active check 2019-08-21T13:52:08+00:00 mkienow-r7
Add Webmin password_change.cgi backdoor exploit 2019-08-21T07:07:50+00:00 wvu-r7
explicitly require factory_bot, see #12181 2019-08-20T11:56:12+00:00 busterb
RDP lib: accept TLS 1.0 2019-08-19T17:50:13+00:00 cnotin
Add ability to start Android payload without context 2019-08-24T05:51:49+00:00 timwr

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New Open Bugs

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[bug]workspace -v error 2019-08-23T12:42:21+00:00 hktalent