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William Vu (68)Metasploit (40)Brent Cook (31)Brendan Coles (22)bwatters-r7 (17)Green-m (16)Shelby Pace (16)h00die (15)Matthew Kienow (11)Wei Chen (10)
Jacob Robles (10)kr3bz (9)Tim W (8)pasta (7)Spencer McIntyre (7)Jeffrey Martin (6)Elazar Broad (5)Christian Mehlmauer (5)christopher lee (3)Ԝеѕ (2)
Rich Whitcroft (1)Patrick Webster (1)blue-bird1 (1)asoto-r7 (1)Ivan Racic (1)James Barnett (1)Christopher Krause (1)Pedro Ribeiro (1)l9c (1)Aaron Ringo (1)
Alex Gonzalez (1)Chris Higgins (1)

Top items this last week

New Open Pull Requests

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Add the macOS LPE from pwn2own2018 (CVE-2018-4237) 2018-11-15T02:18:31+00:00 timwr
Port msmailprobe(Nick Powers) + Cleanup for GO bridge 2018-11-14T22:22:52+00:00 clee-r7
Added WordPress Duplicator <= 1.2.40 and documentation 2018-11-14T15:41:43+00:00 hypn0s
Update all DataProxy modules to use data_service_operation block 2018-11-13T17:16:52+00:00 mkienow-r7
Add exploit module for apache spark unauth rce. 2018-11-13T02:29:57+00:00 Green-m
WP GDPR Compliance plugin exploit - privsec to admin registering 2018-11-12T22:48:17+00:00 ThmsLa
Add ForceExploit to Linux local modules 2018-11-11T09:37:02+00:00 bcoles
Add RCE exploit for CVE-2017-12557 2018-11-10T22:14:12+00:00 carmaa
Add macOS Safari exploit from pwn2own2018 2018-11-10T13:26:16+00:00 timwr
add default service mapping to imports 2018-11-09T16:07:09+00:00 jmartin-r7
improve definition of `server/client` modules 2018-11-08T21:06:19+00:00 jmartin-r7
Port msmailprobe to msf 2018-11-13T17:59:50+00:00 clee-r7
Prepend python path 2018-11-12T14:07:17+00:00 jrobles-r7
Ensure `sessions --up` shows only services which are up 2018-11-10T16:14:16+00:00 bcoles
server/capture docs and consistency updates 2018-11-09T02:33:11+00:00 h00die
subtle search(a meterpreter command) patch 2018-11-13T17:29:11+00:00 4ntonch3

New Open Features and Enhancements

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Additional Languages To Payload Output Formats 2018-11-14T07:07:15+00:00 Genaro-Chris

New Open Bugs

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msfconsole is a house of lies 2018-11-11T05:39:30+00:00 bcoles