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William Vu (73)Metasploit (57)Shelby Pace (32)Matthew Kienow (29)Brent Cook (27)James Barnett (24)Erin Bleiweiss (24)h00die (24)Jacob Robles (21)Brendan Coles (20)
bwatters-r7 (19)Adam Cammack (16)alpiste (11)Wei Chen (11)Tim W (10)asoto-r7 (9)Kent 'picat' Gruber (9)Christophe De La Fuente (8)bwatters (7)OJ (7)
Green-m (7)Christian Mehlmauer (6)Jeffrey Martin (3)Ben Schmeckpeper (3)Josh Hale (3)Dhiraj Mishra (2)Brendan (1)Chirag Jariwala (1)Clément Notin (1)

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New Open Pull Requests

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Add pry command to Meterpreter 2018-09-21T06:32:51+00:00 wvu-r7
Add ARGS and TIMEOUT options to upload_exec 2018-09-21T06:02:06+00:00 wvu-r7
Add REST JSON-RPC Service Architecture 2018-09-21T00:53:36+00:00 mkienow-r7
Add support for ext_server_unhook 2018-09-19T20:25:47+00:00 mrjefftang
DB Manager for Payloads 2018-09-19T19:21:02+00:00 ebleiweiss-r7
Exploit module for Delta Electronics Delta Industrial Automation COMMGR 1.08 Stack Buffer Overflow 2018-09-19T07:40:15+00:00 hubertwslin
CVE-2018-11776 `struts2_namespace_ognl` support for variations in Tomcat 2018-09-18T20:53:40+00:00 asoto-r7
Add Solaris RSH Stack Clash Privilege Escalation module 2018-09-18T17:35:30+00:00 bcoles
WIP: Win32k Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability - CVE-2018-8120 2018-09-18T07:34:13+00:00 RootUp
Add Solaris 'EXTREMEPARR' dtappgather Privilege Escalation module 2018-09-18T07:20:09+00:00 bcoles
Windows Memory Dump using Belkasoft RAM Capturer 2018-09-16T05:12:51+00:00 helviojunior
Enhance couchdb_enum to leverage auth bypass (user creation with admin role) 2018-09-15T21:46:41+00:00 beatnik
[WIP] CVE-2018-8440 ALPC Scheduler 2018-09-14T22:58:15+00:00 bwatters-r7
Fix NameError in cmd_shell due to renamed variable 2018-09-21T03:35:17+00:00 wvu-r7
Remove stray quote from raise in writable? method 2018-09-21T03:20:46+00:00 wvu-r7
Prefer to_s in Heartbleed for cleaner code 2018-09-21T02:29:12+00:00 wvu-r7
Update Payload cached sizes 2018-09-20T22:28:57+00:00 bwatters-r7
Add LEAK_COUNT option to Heartbleed 2018-09-20T20:51:35+00:00 wvu-r7
Rename Pimcore and Dolibarr SQLi modules 2018-09-20T03:18:02+00:00 wvu-r7
Move SQLi module to auxiliary/gather 2018-09-19T16:22:47+00:00 space-r7
Add Pimcore SQLi Auxiliary Module 2018-09-18T18:38:26+00:00 space-r7
Fix crash issue when auto complete the session option. 2018-09-18T10:59:39+00:00 Green-m
Fix issue when kill a non-existent job. 2018-09-18T07:59:08+00:00 Green-m
Travis fix 2018-09-18T02:47:44+00:00 busterb
deregister_options RHOSTS 2018-09-17T16:55:28+00:00 bcoles
tiny refactors to help improve performance 2018-09-17T14:32:39+00:00 picatz
Update gcc path for Solaris 2018-09-16T07:33:25+00:00 bcoles
Add iOS Safari Webkit Blur Denial of Service 2018-09-16T05:56:19+00:00 timwr
Fix links to https:// 2018-09-15T23:58:08+00:00 wvu-r7
Add writable? method to Msf::Post::File - Fix #10644 2018-09-15T06:25:37+00:00 bcoles
Add PHP Meterpreter chmod 2018-09-21T05:43:16+00:00 wvu-r7
Add universal unhooking call to meterpreter server 2018-09-19T20:10:47+00:00 mrjefftang
Add Payload Model 2018-09-20T15:31:29+00:00 jbarnett-r7

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