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h00die (11)Daniel Teixeira (9)Dev Mohanty (5)Adam Cammack (5)Aaron Soto (5)UserExistsError (4)Tim W (4)bwatters-r7 (4)jbarnett-r7 (3)Metasploit (3)
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New Open Pull Requests

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[WIP] Juniper post enum module 2018-02-23T02:44:08+00:00 h00die
add bind_named_pipe x86 2018-02-23T02:22:13+00:00 UserExistsError
Add Jira Authenticated Plugin Upload Module 2018-02-22T16:27:39+00:00 dubfr33
upgrade osx shells to osx meterpreter 2018-02-22T10:41:37+00:00 timwr
Add some tests for cmd_exec 2018-02-22T09:23:02+00:00 timwr
Improve post module persistence_exe 2018-02-22T06:28:27+00:00 Green-m
Support for Ruby 2.5.0 fixing OpenSSL warning #9576 2018-02-21T18:54:15+00:00 da-edra
update NTP drdos lib to use correct method on bindata objects 2018-02-21T01:07:02+00:00 busterb
Add post module RID Hijacking on Windows 2018-02-20T22:03:54+00:00 r4wd3r
fix #9112, improve android screenshot error message on failure 2018-02-20T10:02:14+00:00 timwr
WDS update to add deploymentshare$ and customsettings.ini 2018-02-18T23:50:42+00:00 NinjaStyle82
Fix bug causing all OWA logins to appear valid 2018-02-22T17:33:15+00:00 jbarnett-r7
bump gems, lock ruby_smb for now 2018-02-22T16:47:10+00:00 busterb
Fix a couple of logged errors when running without Python 3.6 / gmpy2 2018-02-22T03:59:50+00:00 busterb
Create sessions with the Fortinet SSH backdoor scanner 2018-02-21T21:25:11+00:00 wvu-r7
Tweak exception handling and timing of `ms17_010_eternalblue` 2018-02-21T20:33:09+00:00 asoto-r7
CloudMe Sync v1.10.9 Buffer Overflow 2018-02-20T21:59:42+00:00 DanielRTeixeira
Better regex in finger_users 2018-02-20T21:58:24+00:00 egypt
add missing payload specs 2018-02-20T15:47:16+00:00 jmartin-r7
Fix silent fail on missing argument to wmap_sites -d idx 2018-02-20T11:49:17+00:00 klayklogg
handle 'ctrl-d' exiting msfconsole again 2018-02-20T09:33:52+00:00 busterb
Fix reverse_php_ssl infinite loop 2018-02-20T07:22:37+00:00 trevorsibanda
fix #9366, fix osx x64 stage location 2018-02-20T05:53:29+00:00 timwr
Fix wmap_sites -a exception on missing url 2018-02-18T12:23:09+00:00 klayklogg
bind_named_pipe fixes 2018-02-17T21:58:30+00:00 UserExistsError
add missing payload tests for bind_named_pipe 2018-02-17T00:07:45+00:00 jmartin-r7
specify a python encoding for the claymore DoS module 2018-02-16T22:20:25+00:00 busterb
properly handle when there is no stat callback specified on upload 2018-02-16T22:16:50+00:00 busterb
docker error workaround 2018-02-16T16:41:42+00:00 FireFart
fix android screenshot error on failure 2018-02-20T08:26:45+00:00 timwr
update dependencies 2018-02-20T10:11:10+00:00 busterb
fix post modules adding creds 2018-02-18T12:56:20+00:00 h00die
Add android support 2018-02-22T04:41:26+00:00 Auxilus
Added WAMP installer to /resources/wamp 2018-02-20T12:56:01+00:00 Chan9390
store negotiated max server buffer size 2018-02-22T04:51:52+00:00 bcook-r7

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Post modules can't add creds 2018-02-18T12:51:10+00:00 h00die