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William Vu (27)Brent Cook (24)h00die (23)itsmeroy2012 (17)Jeffrey Martin (16)Wei Chen (13)bwatters-r7 (12)Metasploit (11)Christophe De La Fuente (10)dmohanty-r7 (9)
Pearce Barry (9)Mehmet Ince (8)Martin Pizala (7)William Webb (7)Adam Cammack (7)Dev Mohanty (5)bwatters (4)RootUp (4)Christian Mehlmauer (4)OJ (4)
Deepanshu Gajbhiye (4)Indranil Roy (4)Tim (4)David Maloney (3)Spencer McIntyre (3)RageLtMan (3)Hanno Heinrichs (3)loftwing (2)bigendiansmalls (2)peewpw (2)
jakxx (2)Ernesto Fernandez (2)root (2)dmaloney-r7 (1)g0tmi1k (1)jinq102030 (1)2dimka (1)Jannis Pohl (1)ashish gahlot (1)James Barnett (1)
Evgeny Naumov (1)James Lee (1)

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New Open Pull Requests

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Provide disconnect option to send_request_cgi 2017-10-18T18:52:46+00:00 sempervictus
Added python/shell_bind_tcp for, well availability and options 2017-10-17T11:59:06+00:00 realoriginal
Bug Fix ftp.rb so it closes all data sockets 2017-10-13T18:27:42+00:00 bigendiansmalls
Bug Fix ftp.rb to get files larger than 16384 2017-10-13T18:27:22+00:00 bigendiansmalls
gopher protocol scanner 2017-10-13T01:41:03+00:00 h00die
Generation Stager in bashrc (Linux) And is execute Automatic in System 2017-10-18T18:18:44+00:00 jihadLkmaty218
Default PromptTimeFormat to %T 2017-10-17T21:28:11+00:00 egypt
add missing method to_linux_x86_elf_dll 2017-10-16T20:10:24+00:00 qdbp
Make nessus_rest_login scanner proxy-aware again 2017-10-14T18:01:12+00:00 hph86
Make pop3_login scanner proxy-aware again 2017-10-14T18:00:27+00:00 hph86
ensure we do autoruns for all session types 2017-10-13T04:15:36+00:00 busterb
Enhancing the functionality on the nodejs shell_reverse_tcp payload. 2017-10-12T13:54:02+00:00 itsmeroy2012
Python3 support 2017-10-18T22:09:17+00:00 bwatters-r7
Enforce task scheduler requirement of 2 digit hour values 2017-10-12T19:23:11+00:00 bwatters-r7

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