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William Vu (60)Metasploit (37)Brent Cook (30)Brendan Coles (25)h00die (18)Jeffrey Martin (14)Shelby Pace (14)bwatters-r7 (13)Quentin Kaiser (12)scanu92 (12)
Tim W (10)Wei Chen (6)dwelch-r7 (5)Adam Cammack (4)Christophe De La Fuente (4)sinn3r (4)swiru95 (3)Mustafa Çalap (3)Taeber Rapczak (2)nil0x42 (2)
bcoles (2)wvu-r7 (2)Chris (1)Dave Eargle (1)Emmett Kelly (1)pkb1s (1)Spencer McIntyre (1)ducksecops (1)Christian Mehlmauer (1)Clément Notin (1)
sk4 (1)Dustin Eichler (1)layderv (1)Jeff McJunkin (1)Adam Galway (1)Dustin (1)zerosum0x0 (1)

Top items this last week

New Open Pull Requests

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Add CVE-2019-5825, Chrome 73 1-day --no-sandbox exploit 2019-11-13T14:32:19+00:00 timwr
Fix exploit/windows/local/ms16_032_secondary_logon_handle_privesc 2019-11-13T00:40:26+00:00 leo-lb
Create data/logos/haKCers.txt 2019-11-12T21:56:53+00:00 NoDataFound
RMI/JMX serialization scanner/exploit 2019-11-12T11:42:57+00:00 mb-syss
Performance enhancements (memory) 2019-11-11T17:09:04+00:00 busterb
Add Wordpress Plainview Activity Monitor RCE 2019-11-10T07:29:26+00:00 leo-lb
Fix style in exploit/windows/smb/doublepulsar_rce 2019-11-13T08:11:39+00:00 wvu-r7
Fix renamed RuboCop check in .rubocop.yml 2019-11-13T07:46:10+00:00 wvu-r7
Update exploit/windows/smb/doublepulsar_rce info 2019-11-13T06:35:17+00:00 wvu-r7
fix NameError uninitialized constant in Msf::Post::Linux::Compile 2019-11-13T04:39:37+00:00 timwr
64K ought to be enough for anyone 2019-11-10T09:48:15+00:00 bcoles
Remove syscall hook from BlueKeep payload 2019-11-09T02:54:27+00:00 zerosum0x0
Fix BlueKeep payload for Meltdown/KVA Shadow 2019-11-08T08:44:34+00:00 zerosum0x0
Add my contact details to the mailmap as part of MSF dev onboarding 2019-11-07T15:02:55+00:00 adamgalway-r7
Meterpreter Translet Loader 2019-11-12T11:31:40+00:00 mb-syss
Fix unhook extension 2019-11-07T16:11:52+00:00 phra
Bump rubyzip from 1.2.2 to 1.3.0 2019-11-13T01:46:19+00:00 dependabot[bot]
Bump loofah from 2.2.3 to 2.3.1 2019-11-08T19:50:05+00:00 dependabot[bot]
Metamodel based serializer + exploitation framework 2019-11-12T10:55:25+00:00 mb-syss

New Open Features and Enhancements

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Add Confirmation Methods to HTTP Options 2019-11-11T01:50:17+00:00 h00die

New Open Bugs

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